What’s Your Word of the Year?

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2018? Is that you already!? I’m not sure why I get so surprised when the year changes every 12 months. You would think after almost 23 years of life, I would be used to it by now. Every time the autumn season graces us with its presence, I get way too giddy when I see the first tangerine-colored leaf fall from a tree. But… when the New Year rolls around, usually I’m not as giddy. Often times, I panic, because I don’t have realistic resolutions made. The change in year can often put a lot of pressure on people to make changes- changes to themselves that they really have no intention of sticking with. I’m totally guilty of setting unrealistic expectations for myself and never keeping them.

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Where’s the Love?

I’m really disappointed with my country right now, for so many reasons. There are serious issues going on right now that can’t be resolved easily. With issues come opinions and with opinions come arguments. As disappointed as I am in the country, I’m even more disappointed with how I’m seeing others conduct themselves, both in person and online when it comes to such issues. We can’t change policy overnight, but we can change our attitudes. I wanted to share some thoughts on how this can be done.

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4 Simple Things Guaranteed to Boost Your Confidence

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I’ve always been a firm believer in the notion that if we take the time to put on a nice outfit, do our hair, makeup, etc. we’ll feel better about ourselves. But sometimes, even if we look great on the outside, we can still feel like crap on the inside. Why is that? Over time, I’ve found that it’s a combination of our appearance and things that have nothing to do with how we look that contribute to how confident we feel. Below, I’m sharing a list of things that may not seem like they would help to give us that extra spring in our step, but I assure you, they totally do!

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Trip to NYC


This post is wayyy overdue (I took a weekend trip to NYC in late May) but better late than never! I had been to the city before, but this time was fortunate enough to do so much fun touristy things! Be prepared for a ton of photos!!

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For the Girl in the Trench Coat

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A few months ago, I had a conversation with a woman whose words really struck a chord in my heart. She’s just like the rest of us. She goes through phases where she feels as confident as ever, and others where she feels just downright horrible about herself. She told me about how her insecurities really took over when she was in college.

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Adapting to a New Season of Life

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I’m not someone who’s experienced a whole lot of change in my life. I’ve never moved. I haven’t experienced the loss of a loved one that I am super close with. The longest I’ve been away from my family is like, two weeks max… heck, I’ve never even dyed my hair! (Except for that one time in high school I let a friend talk me into dying a little chunk towards the back using boiling water and red Kool-Aid… Not my best look, but at least it went away… like 6 months later, LOL!)

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