5 Pieces That’ll Transform Your Fall Wardrobe

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I freaking HEART fall so much! The temps have FINALLY started to cool down this week, so I’m bustin’ out all of the fall wardrobe necessities. Below, I’m sharing 5 pieces that I think are must-haves this season!

1. A Good-Quality Trench Coat 


Trench coats are just such a classic wardrobe staple that will literally never go out of style! I advise investing in a good-quality one, because you’ll want one that will last you a long time. I’ve had mine since high school and it’s still goin’ strong. When you aren’t sure what to wear, or you’re attending an event where you aren’t sure if you need to be more dressy or casual, trench coats are always a safe bet. I wore mine over a sweater dress and booties last year when I met Tommy Hilfiger, and some people were dressed a little fancier than I was, some a little less dressed up, but I kept my coat on and felt totally put together.

2. An Oversized Chambray Shirt 


I mentioned my love for chambrays in one of my previous posts, where I wore one tied around my waist. The great thing about a chambray that’s oversized, is you can wear it a little longer, more like a tunic. This is perfect for days when you just want an easy outfit with some leggings, flats, and a longer top. You can also dress ’em up a little and tuck it into a skirt or tie it at your natural waist.

3. Basic Tan Booties 


Tan booties are another one of those wardrobe staples that you can bust out in a pinch if you aren’t sure if you need to be a little more fancy or laid back. The suede material gives a fresh canvas to any kind of outfit, and the heel gives just the right amount of sass to put a spring in your step.

4. A Fun Graphic Tee or Sweatshirt 



If you’re having one of you bum it out days, why not add a little element of spunk to your look? Graphic tees were like the “it” thing to have back in middle school, and they’re back in, and here to stay! They’re cute conversation starters that show a little bit of your personality and jazz up an otherwise pretty boring ensemble. I already own this tank and just actually purchased this sweatshirt above and cannot wait for it to arrive!!

5. A Chunky Watch 


I don’t know what it is about an oversized watch, but it just has that power to take an outfit up like 10 notches. Whether you wear it with sneakers and a tee, or a dress and heels, a big, sparkly watch just really gives your look that classy, glam factor!


What are some fall wardrobe staples you can’t live without??



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