“Tut-Tut, It Looks Like Rain”

I couldn’t help but borrow that quote from my childhood fave, Winnie the Pooh, for this post of my rainy day look. I may be in the minority here, but I love rain, especially this time of year where the air is crisp and the fall foliage looks even more vibrant.

dsc_0205_edited-2I’m also a fan of rain since it means I can bust out my favorite rain boots! I’ve had this Burberry pair for a couple of years, so unfortunately these same boots are no longer sold. You can always check out the new and used pairs on Poshmark, and the newer Burberry styles on their website!

dsc_0216_edited-1I sported my favorite trench coat, which, if you read one of my previous posts, are a must-have for fall, and accessorized with my favorite Kate Spade bag.

dsc_0226_edited-1Can we talk about how freakin’ adorable this umbrella is?? When it’s closed it looks like a beautiful bouquet and when you open it…. BAM! Surrounded by individually placed roses on a black backdrop, this is definitely one of a kind. I wish I could  find it online but this was purchased from a catalog years ago. I’ll keep y’all updated if I ever find something similar on the web!





Rain boots, crisp air, orange and yellow leaves… it all makes me wanna jump for joy! What are some of your favorite things to do on a rainy day??


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