5 Pieces That’ll Transform Your Fall Wardrobe: Part II

A couple weeks back, I talked about 5 pieces that are necessary for a killer fall wardrobe. Today, I’ve got 5 more for ya! Since we’re in a season where the options are endless, there’s always something we can add to make our autumn style even better!

1. A Sassy Pair of OTK Boots 


A couple years back, I never would have imagined that a boot like these would be seen as trendy and not trashy. If styled the right way, these boots give an outfit just the sass that it needs and make you feel like a total D.I.V.A. I just purchased these black wedge boots and shot a couple outfit pics to show how to style them, so be on the lookout for those posts in the coming weeks!

2. A Fab Fur Vest 


I got a fur vest for Christmas last year and am in love with it! They are so perfect for the fall and winter for layering over sweaters, tops, and dresses. I’ll wear mine anywhere and everywhere from school, to work, and even church!

3. A Chic Leopard Pump 


I just picked up these bad boys at Nordstrom Rack the other week and oh my goodness, I am obsessed! Not only do these take your outfit up like 10000 notches, they are comfy as heck! I could literally walk miles in these- something I never say about a pair of heels.

4. A Midi Black Pencil Skirt 


Thanks to stars like Kim Kardashian, the longer the skirt- the better! Short skirts are a thing of the past, now it’s all about the midi skirt. These allow for your look to have a sexier edge while still remaining modest and covered up! It’s a win-win!

5. A Stunning Statement Earring 


I’ve always loved how a big pair of earrings can make any outfit stand out! Since it’s now scarf season, one of my favorite looks for fall is a big scarf, a high pony, and a pair of big earrings! Easy and super cute!


Do you already own any of these fashion must-haves??


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