A Weekend in Cape May

In one of my previous posts, I talked about an upcoming trip to Cape May, New Jersey. Cape May is a town that is very near and dear to my heart. I am so thankful that my family and I are able to visit several times throughout the year! Fall is my favorite season to be at the beach- the crowds have died down and the weather has cooled off to a perfect temperature. Even though we had a couple rainy days this past weekend, that didn’t stop us from visiting all of our favorite spots!


On this day, It poured buckets from dusk till dawn, but we managed to snap a few photos on the beach while there was a slight drizzle. Since it had rained so much, a decent sized pond had formed in the middle of the sand.



One morning, we had breakfast at my favorite restaurant, The Blue Pig, located inside this gorgeous yellow hotel, Congress Hall. Even in the downpour, it still looked pretty darn fab!


I had to take a little time to Instagram while warming up in the lobby. 🙂



One of my favorite things about Cape May is the beautiful, historic architecture. This pink house below is actually a super cute two-story boutique called “Pink by Victorious” that carries amazing brands and designers- I’m in love with it!



On Sunday evening, we went to Elaine’s Dinner Theatre to see a performance of a musical comedy version of Sherlock Holmes. Keep your eyes peeled for a post coming up on what I wore that night!



Even though I absolutely loathe spiders, I couldn’t help but be completely in awe of this creature (which we fondly named, Charlotte) that took up residence on our front porch.


On one of our sunnier days, we took a little walk on Higbee Beach, which is just a short drive from Cape May’s main beach. A short walk on a sandy path takes you to a serene beach where the scenery is just breathtaking.






Our last night was spent walking around the shops one last time, and eating ice cream, despite the chilly temps! It’s just what you do at the beach!




Hope everyone has a fab weekend! Do you have any upcoming vacay plans??


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