Rejoicing in the Face of Rejection

It’s something we’ve all faced and will continue to face at some point in our lives. Whether it’s from a friend, significant other, employer, or family member, rejection is never fun. I’ve certainly had my fair share of a variety of rejection throughout my life. For some reason, I always think it’s going to get easier, but it never does. It seems like the older we get, the more passionate we become about things, and when these things aren’t handed to us, the rejection stings just a little more than we had anticipated.

I felt this sting a few months back. It was early in the morning and I was anxiously awaiting a date later in the day. No sooner had I started to do my hair when I received a text from the guy I was supposed to go out with. He simply said that it wasn’t going to work out and he was not going to meet with me. Ouch. I still to this day am not sure of the exact reason as to why he cut the cord on our date. Now just to backtrack, we had only been talking for literally two days, so I shouldn’t have been that disappointed.


But I was disappointed. I hardly knew anything about this guy other than the fact that he seemed perfect on paper. Looking back, I guess I wasn’t upset about being rejected by a guy I didn’t even know, I was just upset about being rejected. No matter who rejects us, whether it’s someone we love, hate, or don’t even know, we almost always take it personally and beat ourselves up over it.


I spent that whole morning feeling sorry for myself. I felt like I was the reason why he canceled our date. I felt like I wasn’t pretty enough, funny enough, smart enough. My inner pity party was so apparent that a Costco employee told me, and I quote, to “Fix yo face, flower girl!” (I was carrying a floral handbag at the time so I guess that’s why he said that, LOL.)


Later that day, my mom invited my grandma and me to go with her to visit a member of our church at a hospice center. My day was already going bad, so visiting someone who was dying just seemed to be the rotten cherry on top of a rotten day. I decided to go since she was such a dear family friend and I knew how much it would mean to her. I was a puddle of tears after leaving that room. I hadn’t felt that kind of sadness in a long time. I could hardly hold it together while talking with her, watching her struggle to breathe, laughing fondly at sweet memories, and saying a prayer together before walking out the door.


That day was the last day that I saw her. She passed away a couple months later and powered through until the end as the strong woman of God that everyone knew her to be. I realize now what a blessing in disguise it was to be able to see her that day. I wholeheartedly believe being blown off from a date and going to the hospice center on the same day was more than just a coincidence. I was able to put aside my self-pity and realize just how blessed I am. This woman was slowly dying, but still had the biggest smile on her face.


I was able to put things into perspective that day. Seeing the strength in this amazing woman caused me to push aside the rejection, and rejoice. Rejoice in the life that she lived and the lives that she touched while living it. Rejoice in each and every day that I have been gifted with. Rejoice in the fact that life is fleeting, and getting caught up in petty things is the biggest disservice we can do to ourselves. Rejoice in the love from others and not allow the hurt in our hearts to steal it. It’s okay to let rejection sting for a little while. It’s normal. We’re human. But it’s important to dust ourselves off, get back up, and focus on the things in life that are truly important. Every day is a blessing that we don’t deserve. Let’s live each one with a heart of gratitude, kick the rejection to the curb, and replace it with joy, because at the end of the day, that’s what truly matters.


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