For the Over Thinkers

Who here would consider themselves an over-thinker? I know I’m raising my hand for sure! It’s crazy how our insecurities can overwhelm our thoughts and before we know it, they’re altering how we view other people… sometimes people we don’t even know. This video is such an awesome reminder of how our preconceived notions about others can be so poisonous. I highly encourage you to take 5 minutes out of your day and watch this video! I promise, it will totally change your perspective!

Did you watch it?? So good, right?! I know for me, I’ve had experiences almost identical to Lysa’s. We see someone with something we wish we had, we become insecure and green with envy, and then we start to judge them. If they give us the slightest glance, we automatically assume they’re judging us and then we start to feel insecure all over again. It’s a toxic cycle that we often can’t manage to get ourselves out of. In Lysa’s case, it turned out the girl at the gym that she thought hated her, actually didn’t. She was at the gym for the same reason that Lysa was, and the genuine smile that she gave her confirmed that.

I’d like to consider myself a fairly confident person, but it’s so easy to want to put judgemental thoughts about ourselves into other people’s heads. It’s definitely something we all need to work on, myself included. Next time you see someone running faster than you at the gym, or just walking down the street, and they give you a look, don’t assume it’s a negative thing! Maybe they like what you’re wearing, or maybe they’re just people watching and their eyes gravitated towards you.

Whatever the case may be, we can’t allow insecurities to impact the way we view ourselves and especially those around us who haven’t done anything wrong. Confidence is a never ending journey, but it’s one worth taking. In the future, when we see someone giving us a look, whether it’s one filled with judgement or not, let’s try our hardest to see the best in people, and just give ’em a smile! What have we got to lose?


2 thoughts on “For the Over Thinkers

    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂 Yes, it’s so easy to want to assume the worst in people but this video totally helped to remind me that people aren’t always as bad as we think!

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