5 Christmas Essentials: Beauty, Fashion, & Fun!

Each Christmas season, there are certain things that are must haves! Ahead, I’m sharing some of my fave items for the holidays!

1. A Chocolate Advent Calendar 

I don’t think you’re ever too old for these! For me, it’s just not Christmas without a cardboard calendar filled with chocolates! It isn’t too late to get one! You’ll just have a few days to catch up on your cocoa consumption! 😉

2. A Piece of Slightly Tacky Christmas Jewelry 

Forget tacky Christmas sweaters! It’s all about big, gaudy jewelry. I love this cocktail ring that looks like a Christmas bow- you need one in your life!

3. A Christmasy Book 

Who doesn’t love to curl up by the fireplace with a cozy book? I don’t have a fireplace, so I’ll settle for the one you can find on Netflix, LOL. Robin Jones Gunn’s Christmas books, and other books are some of my favorites. If you’re looking for amazing fiction for women and girls of all ages, check her out!! Also- this particular book was recently turned into a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie! A must-watch!

4. Festive Nail Polish 

I’ve talked in the past about how much I love Sinful Color’s nail polish- I’m in love with these two shades (“Ruby Ruby” and “That’s Elfed Up!”) ! This chic red provides the perfect backdrop for the red and green sparkles. I remember how big of a trend it was a few years back to paint one finger a different color than the rest… I want to bring it back!

5. A Chic, Red Bag

Whenever I see a red handbag, I immediately think of Christmas! I’ve featured this bag a couple times in the past (here and here)- it totally works for any season, but I love it for Christmas especially!


All of these pictures were taken in front of one of my family’s Christmas trees- can you tell we like ornaments?? We always joke that we could open up a Hallmark store with all of the ornaments we have. Each one is so special and sentimental. If you noticed a lot of Barbie ones, it’s because I’ve gotten one every single Christmas since I was 4…That’s A LOT of Barbies, LOL. I say you can never have too much on your tree anyways. The more, the merrier! Do you have any special Christmas must-have items or traditions??

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