Common Fashion Mistakes That Can Ruin a Look

I’m certainly not perfect when it comes to dressing myself on the daily. As much as I love fashion, there are times when my look just isn’t on point. In most cases, it’s because of a small error that totally transformed my look in the complete wrong way. I try to notice when I’m making these faux pas, and because of this, I can usually spot when others aren’t dressing to their full potential. In this post, I’m sharing a few fashion mistakes that I’ve noticed (I’m also guilty of all of these, btw!) and how to fix ‘em!

1. Wearing a Hair Tie on the Wrist

I’m not sure why this bothers me so much, but it really does! Whenever I see a woman wearing a formal dress, gown, or jumpsuit with a big black rubber band on her wrist, it just makes my skin crawl. I feel like this totally ruins an elegant look and doesn’t scream sophistication at all. If you really feel like you’re going to need a hair tie, which, you most likely won’t, keep it inside your purse and decorate that wrist with something sparkly and cute instead!


2. Mud on Heels

This is something I did for years and I now realize just how tacky it really looks. I would walk into church with clumps on mud on my fancy heels and it was not a cute look. Taking the time to go into the bathroom and clean off your heels with a paper towel makes all the difference, trust me.


3. Not Wearing Stockings

Another one of my faux pas of the past. For the longest time, I refused to wear stockings with a nice dress. I look back on pictures, and I realize just how bad it looks. No matter how tan your legs are, they look 10000 times better with a pair of stockings. For the summer time, it makes sense to go bare legged, but the rest of the year stockings are a must! I know they’re a pain to put on- but the 5 minutes of your time and 5 bucks to buy them are worth it!


4. Exposed Bra Straps

I don’t see this as much as I used to in middle and high school, but it’s still a mistake that so many women make. Even if it’s a cute color, no one wants to see those straps. Solutions like this are worth every penny!


5. Wrinkles!

I’ve never been a fan of ironing. I actually can say with confidence that I hate it. But, walking out of the house with wrinkles is probably the worst faux pas out there. Talk about taking a cute outfit and turning it, well, not cute. I’ve found this steamer to be a LIFESAVER and highly, highly recommend it! It takes no time at all to get those wrinkles out, and it saves the hassle of lugging out the big ironing board, and the embarrassment of a crumpled ensemble.


What are some fashion faux pas that really grind your gears?? Let me know!

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