Fashion Trends From High School That I Miss

 You may be thinking: “Who in their right mind misses any trends from high school??” I’ll admit, I had some severe fashion faux pas back in high school, but there are a few things that I can’t help but wish would come back as trendy! Side note: this picture is not one of those trends! I’m pretty sure this was from 70’s or 80’s day during Spirit Week, taken with some of my best friends from high school! I hope none of these girls want to kill me if they see this, haha! It was just so embarrassingly fitting for this post! Can we please look at my “bangs”?!! Ugh, definitely a “What the heck was I thinking??” moment.

1.) Cocktail Rings

Seriously, how glam did you feel when you wore one (or several) of these bad boys on your finger?? I had a serious obsession with cocktail rings in high school and long for the day that the trend of minimal jewelry is out and we bring a little bit of tacky back!

2.) Owl Jewelry 

Another one of my teen obsessions, owls were EVERYWHERE a few years back. I don’t even really like owls, or any bird for that matter, but there’s something so fun and whimsical about a big, chunky, statement owl necklace.

3.) Hair Feathers

I remember feeling like such a little rebel getting one little hair feather extension at after prom (and then being slightly irritated that I had to rip out a chunk of hair to get it out.) Nonetheless, feathers give such a boho babe vibe and bring such a pop of pizazz to your mane.

4.) Colored Jeans

Such a huge trend that I really hope comes back! Bright pants brought such life to a look! I’m hoping that we’ll see more color in general this year. I feel like neutrals have become the new normal when it comes to clothes, home decor, and everything in between. So boring! Let’s make 2017 a year full of color! I should probably start myself with not wearing black 6 days a week, hahaha!

5.) Peter Pan Collars 

A dainty Peter Pan collar with a bold statement necklace was such a cute look! I remember seeing this all the time, and hope this kind of feminine, yet bold look comes back!


And now, a moment of silence for some high school trends that I’m sure we all hope to never see again…

1. ) Wedge Fur Boots

2.) Mustache Jewelry 

3.) Ridiculously Short Bandage Skirts 

4.) Braided Rope Bracelets

Remember how dirty and nasty these would get and we still wore them 24/7?? Nope? Just me?

5.) Neon Animal Print 

6.) Rainbow Flip Flops

Another thing that got so dirty and nasty but we wore the heck out of them anyway!


Do you remember any of these trends, the good and the bad? What are some of your faves/least faves? I’ve probably forgotten a bunch, so let me know if you think of any others! 



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