Adapting to a New Season of Life

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I’m not someone who’s experienced a whole lot of change in my life. I’ve never moved. I haven’t experienced the loss of a loved one that I am super close with. The longest I’ve been away from my family is like, two weeks max… heck, I’ve never even dyed my hair! (Except for that one time in high school I let a friend talk me into dying a little chunk towards the back using boiling water and red Kool-Aid… Not my best look, but at least it went away… like 6 months later, LOL!)

The biggest change I’ve really ever had to deal with was transitioning from high school to living in a college dorm. Even though I went home most weekends (I’ve got a future post planned on why there is nothing wrong with that!) it was still really, really hard for me. 4 years have passed since entering that season of life. I’ve gone through those 4 years and have come out a stronger person. I’ve tuned the tassel, I’ve changed my Facebook “About” section to: “Graduated college in 2017,” and I walked across a stage and into another new season of life. Many would refer to the time after college as adulthood, followed by, “#adulting.” Every time I hear or see #adulting, it makes me #cringe, but that’s beside the point.

Even though I’ve entered this new season of life, I still don’t feel like I’ve magically become an adult overnight. When I was a kid, I used to think that 22 was the golden age… boy was I wrong. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got so many things in this life to be grateful for, and I’m not going to say that I’m miserable and down in the dumps every single day. I have had my pity party days though. This age for myself, and many others I’m sure brings around a lot of uncertainty. We’ll ask ourselves: “Did I choose the right major in college? Was my degree all for nothing? What career path should I travel down? Where will I live in 5 years? Does God’s plan for me include a husband and children?”

So many questions, and so few answers. That’s okay. You’re going to feel inadequate and even worthless at times. That’s okay too. Just don’t let those feelings consume your whole being. For me, the weeks after I graduated from college were some of my hardest. After having such a hard time adjusting to college life, I thought that life after graduating would be a piece of cake in comparison. It wasn’t. I really spiraled down a deep, dark hole of self-doubt. I cried a lot. I watched people my age get engaged, married, and start on the path to a lifetime of a successful and reliable career. I didn’t have any of that, and I really didn’t like myself for it. I wasn’t finding joy in virtually anything because my inner voice of jealousy mixed with my insecurities really took over.

“Don’t’ compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.” That quote is so basic and corny, but it’s true! Getting upset because someone is getting something that you wanted before you is not only super unhealthy, both physically and emotionally, it’s not how God wants us to be. I have hope that God has a plan for each and every one of us. It may sound crazy to some, but I know in my heart that there is a Heavenly Father up there who knows our past, present, and future. He has plans to prosper us, and He wants us to experience joy.

We need to find that joy in every season of life. There will never be a time in our lives when we are naturally going to be 100% content. Even if we receive everything we ever wanted, our human nature will always be to desire something more. I guarantee you, the people whose lives we envy are hoping for something more too. When we feel this way, this is when we can really put our faith into practice. Counting our blessings, serving others, spending time with loved ones, and seeking God’s kingdom will allow us to have gratitude, and see the beauty amidst the good and bad changes that life throws our way.

If you are a recent college graduate, or are just going through a rough time, I want you to know this: Your life is a precious gift, and you are worthy of experiencing joy. Dig deep down inside to find that joy during this season of life, and your light will reflect towards all those around you.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

“To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

4 thoughts on “Adapting to a New Season of Life

  1. Just read this- you are so right, and so kind to post this encouragement to others. I know that some of my daughter’s friends are feeling out of sync, either career- or personal life- wise. They are all in their early thirties-some married, some not; some are moms, some are not. Some are established in careers, some are not. The girls who are still progressing towards their dreams need to know that they are on their right path, and that everyone is different. Also, “success” is not always what it seems. Love and hope to them, and to you.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for your comment, Susan! It makes me so happy to know that my words can bring encouragement to others. It can be hard to adjust to changes in life, or seeing others have experiences that you would like to have, but you’re right- everyone is different and we need to follow the path we have been placed upon, even though it can be hard at times. Have a blessed day! 🙂

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