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This post is wayyy overdue (I took a weekend trip to NYC in late May) but better late than never! I had been to the city before, but this time was fortunate enough to do so much fun touristy things! Be prepared for a ton of photos!!

The first picture, and the next two below were taken on a speed boat tour of the river that overlooks the city. When I say speed, it was so incredibly fast, but so much fun. My only regret was wearing my hair down during it. Getting those windblown knots out for the next half hour was the worst, haha!




Tea time at the Plaza!

  “Waitress” with Sara Bareilles as the lead was so incredible! I still have so many of the songs stuck in my head.

 We took a walking tour of Central Park that was absolutely breathtaking! It’s amazing how such a quiet and serene park can be stuck in the middle of such a crowded and loud city.

 This picture is one of my favorites. The little carnival going on in the middle looks like something from a movie… so cute!

 Next was a tour of the 9/11 memorial which was so powerful and fascinating!

Afterwards was a trip up the tallest building in the city for a 360 degree view that was just amazing.

In the evening, it was time to see a performance at Carnegie Hall. The orchestra and choirs were out of this world amazing and the concert hall was so spectacular!

The final day, we took a tour of Radio City Music Hall, where we got to walk on the huge stage, walk around backstage, and meet a rockette! My favorite part were the old costumes that were displayed throughout part of the building.

Hope you enjoyed this picture-heavy post! Until next time, NYC! 




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  1. Fabulous photography Abigail! Thank you for sharing some of my East Coast favorites!…especially you! I loved the dress with the denim shirt tied! ??

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