4 Simple Things Guaranteed to Boost Your Confidence

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I’ve always been a firm believer in the notion that if we take the time to put on a nice outfit, do our hair, makeup, etc. we’ll feel better about ourselves. But sometimes, even if we look great on the outside, we can still feel like crap on the inside. Why is that? Over time, I’ve found that it’s a combination of our appearance and things that have nothing to do with how we look that contribute to how confident we feel. Below, I’m sharing a list of things that may not seem like they would help to give us that extra spring in our step, but I assure you, they totally do!

  1. Clean Your Space and Maintain It

I’ll admit it. I used to be the biggest slob. Like, the messiest of the messy. I wasn’t “Hoarders” messy status, but I was certainly on my way there. I’ve never been someone who enjoys cleaning or organizing at all, even as a kid I hated it. Recently I re-did my room and did some serious purging, deep cleaning, and de-cluttering and you know what? I feel so much better about myself!

Even though I kept my room messy, I hated it when I saw someone else who kept their space a total mess and I always hated my own mess. I never spent any time in my room because I would let it get so bad that it would make me nuts to be in there unless I was sleeping. I was just too lazy to do anything about it. I’ve learned that laziness is one of the biggest confidence killers. When we take pride in our living space, we’re taking pride in ourselves and we just feel so much happier- like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. The trick is maintaining it, which is something I’m trying my hardest to do, but if we can do that, we automatically will feel so much more confident.

  1. Get Creative in the Kitchen

Trying out new recipes isn’t just a fun thing to do, it’s a huge mood booster! Even if I make something that’s a total flop, I still feel a sense of accomplishment that I actually gave it my best effort. Cooking is such a trial and error process, and when I make something that actually turns out well, it gives me such confidence!

  1. Write in a Planner

So I just started doing this a couple weeks ago, and it’s something I have to force myself to do since I haven’t written anything in a planner since high school, but I really enjoy it! Even if you’re writing down the simplest of tasks in a planner, there is no better feeling than being able to check them off after you’ve accomplished them. For me, it gives me way more incentive to want to do something if I have it written down.

  1. Begin a Devotional

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever completed a devotional all the way through. I really enjoy them, but I always end up getting distracted with less important things. As much as I would like to do a daily devotional, I just don’t think I would keep up with it. I think a monthly devotional is a great start if you’re like me and want to do one, but not go full force quite yet. I just started a monthly devotional called “Fruitful: A Year Long Guide To An Abundant Single Season” by Phylicia Masonheimer, whose blog I talked about in my last post. What I like about this devotional is that it’s catered toward single women but talks about so much more than that. It has a chapter for each month to read and re-read, some books recommended for additional reading, and a monthly memory verse. I write the memory verse at the beginning of each week in my planner, and recite it to myself every day and reflect on it’s meaning.

What’s great about a devotional is that they will have reflection questions and great scripture that really force the reader to reflect on themselves. For me, it’s made me want to better myself and in doing so, I am so much more confident in knowing that I am on my way to becoming the woman that God wants me to be.


So to sum it up: Clean your room, cook something, get a planner, talk to God and I promise, your confidence will radiate towards those around you.

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