Disappointment 101

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Alright class, settle down. Please take your seats. Today, we’re going to be discussing the origins, basics, and coping methods of DISAPOINTMENT.

Did I get your attention? LOL, you didn’t think I could keep up that teacher persona for a whole blog post, did you? I’ve talked about rejection on the blog before, and I wanted to revisit the topic in discussing disappointment, which can often go hand-in-hand with rejection. In life, we can disappoint ourselves and those around us. We can also feel disappointed as a result of the actions of others. For many, it can seem like the latter occurs much more often.

When I write, I love to use the Thesaurus to find similar words to avoid repetition. For fun, I plugged in the word “disappointment” and found some synonyms: “Defeat,” “Failure,” “Setback,” and the kicker, “Disaster.” When we feel disappointment, we can feel defeated. We can feel like a total loser and a failure. We can feel like the disappointment has now caused the biggest setback whether it be in a professional or personal setting. And yes, there are times when it feels like the disappointment has caused a bomb to go off in our lives and we just want to shout, “This is a complete disaster!”

If we express these thoughts with others, they may tell us to just “Get over it” or “Everything will work out.” They may even throw out Psalm 30:5- “Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes in the morning.”

“Lies!” You want to say. “I can’t just get over something, and last I checked, it’s now morning and I still feel like weeping.” I totally can relate. So, what’s a girl to do when the disappointment is taking a serious toll on her outlook on life? I’ve got a few tips that aren’t a perfect fix, but just may help in giving us that push to crawl out of the pit of pity-ness and back onto the bumpy, yet beautiful road of life.

– Do Something That Makes You Feel Accomplished

Feeling down and your confidence totally shot? A rush of adrenaline and feeling of satisfaction in ourselves is a sure fire way to instantly feel at least a little bit better. It can be something small, like completing a really hard workout, or cooking a meal that you wouldn’t normally make. Whatever you choose to do, do it to the best of your ability, and know that you are still just as strong and worthy of joy now as you were before you felt the blow of disappointment.

– Learn to Be Okay With Uncertainty

If you’re like me, this is extremely difficult and wayyyyy easier said than done. The “What if’s?” can absolutely consume your mind, but with time, it can get easier to learn to be content with the unknown. It’s an uphill battle within oneself, and it’s different for all of us. But in life, we’re never going to have all the answers. We aren’t given the juicy spoilers for how it’s going to turn out for us. God holds the pages to our individual stories, and through trust, help from others, and an ever-growing relationship with Him, we can train ourselves to let go of what we don’t yet have the answers to, and be fully present in where we are in life at this very moment.

– Look at the Bigger Picture

Be optimistic for what lies ahead! Will the disappointment you are feeling now really be something you’ll care about in a week? A month? A year? It still may be, but it’s crucial to realize that even though we’ll face plenty of hard times in life, we still have so much to look forward to: things we hope for and things we probably haven’t even thought of yet. That can be a scary thought, but it’s also really exciting!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to learn that the personal growth that can come about as a result of disappointment can often be so much better than the thing that we lost. This can only happen if we take the necessary steps to grow as a child of God. We can wallow in misery, or we can thrive. I’ve heard many times that God doesn’t promise permanent happiness and bliss in this life, but he does promise hardships and suffering. However, with this promise, he also promises to be with us and guide us if we’ll let Him into our hearts. In life, we’re all going to face disappointment. We won’t get that grade that we thought we earned. We won’t get that job or raise that we thought we deserved. People will let you down. They’ll make you feel inadequate. They’ll step on your feet and then step on your heart. But you will come out as a stronger person and be better equipped to handle that next round of disappointment like a pro. You are strong, capable, and adored by the Creator of this universe. Get out there, and show disappointment who’s boss.

Class dismissed. 🙂

Psalm 34:19- “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” 

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  1. I just love your blogs they are so eye opening at times. The one on disappointments izmspof on. Thanks for your insight.

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