Adapting to a New Season of Life

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I’m not someone who’s experienced a whole lot of change in my life. I’ve never moved. I haven’t experienced the loss of a loved one that I am super close with. The longest I’ve been away from my family is like, two weeks max… heck, I’ve never even dyed my hair! (Except for that one time in high school I let a friend talk me into dying a little chunk towards the back using boiling water and red Kool-Aid… Not my best look, but at least it went away… like 6 months later, LOL!)

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The Best Is Yet To Come

The anticipation was building. I stood behind the curtain, waiting for my cue to enter. I heard the dialogue of the other actors on stage and felt the presence of the audience even though I couldn’t see them yet. Finally, it was time. I walked on stage, wearing a poodle skirt, timidly carrying a lunch tray and began my dialogue. I’ll never forget that moment.

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